Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Will Be the Last Pokemon RPGs for 3DS – IGN News

“We’re really treating Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the culmination of our work with the 3DS system.”

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  1. B.Squad 12 より:

    Last God damn it

  2. I am a legendary person And every woman knows me より:

    ?????? wtf I don’t Want that

  3. sham skali skale より:

    the next pokemon will be on switch, meaning we’re getting closer to that more beautiful graphic pokemon game that everyone have been yearning for

  4. Shizuo Heiwajima より:

    Guess that means it’s my last Pokemon game then.
    At least there’s always Pokemon Showdown.

  5. teejay3000 より:

    Time to *switch*

  6. Bruce Wayne より:

    Good focus on pokemon for switch


    An interesting development.

  8. Ball is life Mixes より:

    Some Pokémon games will be on the new 3ds XL but for the original 3ds they are done.

  9. Un Haze より:

    Time for the 3ds to die

  10. Ben Pulham より:


  11. Mateo Aray より:

    I need my diamond and pearl remake

  12. Rick Harrison より:

    Finally, now developed for the switch.

  13. anderson Indaburo より:


  14. Zack Egg より:

    This is great, hopefully the next games on the Switch will push the series forward even more than Sun and Moon!

  15. Ewan Callister より:

    Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Remakes for Switch

  16. ShadowShinobi364 より:

    Oh, I didn’t think that USUM would be the last Pokemon games on the 3DS…

  17. deeplyZinc より:


  18. ParadigmZwei より:

    This is fair enough. The Switch feels like a very natural new home for Pokémon. Although considering the high RRP of Switch games I do hope that Game Freak decide to finally depart from the two-version model and start releasing singular titles. It’s been long enough now, =P

  19. Bewear Gaymer より:

    Aweee, I was hoping for Sinnoh remakes this generation. We got so much hints on it.

    Welp, time to SWITCH. I’m super excited for gen 8 now, Pokemon in HD!!

  20. Lapo より:


  21. Tom Swiggins より:

    This is it, the end of an era.

  22. Flareboxx より:

    Yeah I’m sure the switch will be the focus until there’s a 3DS replacement. Or it’s possible there will never be a 3DS replacement and the switch is the future of portable gaming.

  23. Hector Yerena より:

    This isnt surprising at all, I love the 3ds and all but it’s old now, and it makes sense to jump on the new ship. At least Pokemon will have one last hurrah in the ds family.

  24. BeatsfromSvpremeKy より:

    just when i was going to buy a 3ds lol welp onto the switch

  25. Some next level gaming より:

    not a lot of people can’t afford the switch

  26. AbeKnowsmore より:

    Nintendo is also working on a new handheld.

  27. Con Wil Sim より:

    Plz make an open world pokemon game like breath of the wild and mario odyssey

  28. Super Bright より:

    Wonderful news.

  29. Not Blazio より:

    Should’ve stopped after Emerald

  30. Granete Jo より:

    But I can’t afford a switch! A long time ago, they promised that the core series would not move over to the switch! Now they are breaking that promise. Pokemon was the reason I wanted a 3ds. I could afford that. Not a switch. I don’t know how I can forgive Nintendo/game freak for this.

  31. Tim Sheppard より:

    I gotta say im a little disappointed but hey as long as they have other games on the 3DS i guess im okay with it maybe if i ever move out i will get a switch

  32. Ariel Ace より:

    Finally they’ll focus on games that matter. ?

  33. Mikey2160TM より:

    Ain’t it obvious?

  34. Christopher Smith より:

    I traded in my new 3ds xl with games and accessories for the price of the switch so basically I just traded in my handheld for the next generation Trade-ins are the best thing

  35. JJrock132 より:

    I’m getting the switch now

  36. Freemeals より:


  37. Rubz より:

    Pokemon infinity here we come

  38. Remy Dolce より:

    thank God….i love Pokemon but it’s time to move on from the 3ds it’s such an outdated system by now

  39. Anigamer1983 より:

    Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be the last Pokemon… (click on video and read the rest of the title) …RPG for the 3DS. What a relief, for a second there I thought Nintendo was finally gonna let this series die already.

  40. TheSpaceKing12 より:

    It was already said the next game would be on switch. This ain’t really news tbh.

  41. The Library より:

    Honestly, I kinda expected this. The 3DS, the original model, was released in North America on March 27th of 2014. Every other version has just been an upgrade of what is now six year old technology. Nintendo said that the Switch wouldn’t replace the Wii U or the 3DS. Then a few months later, they confirmed the Wii U as dead. It was only a matter of time. And six years? That’s a long time for a console. Especially a handheld. Developers have done just about everything they could with it. And it is now time to move forward.
    I think we can expect maybe one last Mario or Zelda to serve as a swansong before we see the 3DS family be laid to rest. It had a very good run with some amazing titles. But now it’s time to look to the future. We’ll always remember the DS and 3DS families as a neat little experiment that shouldn’t have worked, yet kinda did. We got some amazing fun from them, and we’ll always have that.

  42. CrazySeanDX より:

    Wait, what about the Gen 4 remakes possibly being a thing?

  43. Tony より:

    Well rip everyone like me without a switch ???

  44. donovan thomas より:

    Time to start making the 4ds!

  45. enigmagtx より:

    Why not do both? I knew it switch is replacing the 3ds.

  46. Toxic Melody より:

    I guess this will be my last Pokemon game. I’m not buying a switch

  47. king Steven より:


  48. Giovanny Arroyo より:

    Lame and i just got my 3ds with 5 pokemon games

  49. Gatta Harmon より:

    Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Remakes for Switch

  50. Joshua Miller より:

    But I don’t want to have to buy a switch just to continue my Pokémon addition

  51. The Man - Comics, Gaming, Talks, and Theories より:

    I hate this. I’m poor and Ik my parents won’t buy the switch for me.

  52. RazerGazer より:

    I still don’t have a 3DS despite of wanting to have one, well I guess it’s too late…

  53. VaultBoy-Repair より:

    Well my pikachu 2016 edition JP 3DS will be put on my shelf next year. Sad but happy that Pokemon is still going strong.

  54. Dank mini Moon より:

    Ok ig its to time to *SWITCH* consoles

  55. epicness2323 より:

    believe me I have no problems with the switch. but even though the switch is also handheld, Pokemon’s main thing is literally handheld only! As a long time fan of Pokemon this is kinda sad in a way, but I still hope for the best for the switch pkmn games 🙂

  56. CK TV より:

    Good. Now let’s hope Pokémon Switch will be great.

  57. Tv shows and movies より:


  58. Zivalene より:

    I was able to hold out for 2 Pokemon Generations once they moved to the DS, I can wait while it moves to a $400 handheld/console gimmick until it comes back to full handheld.

  59. Todd Jr. より:

    Noooo ???….why???

  60. SquiggZ より:

    Well we had our fill of the get in the bag memes

  61. James Bros より:

    I realize they have to move on but the portability of the 3ds with pokemon was awesome and you could take it anywhere and play but switch isnt as portable and some of the fun will be lost

  62. Crash Bandicoot より:

    Well time to get my axe

  63. CEDL0W より:

    So much complaining this remind me of when XY where announced and everyone was angry about them being on 3DS.

  64. - より:

    The era of the DS Family is over.. RIP Childhood ?

    DS Lite and 3DS were both part of my childhood.

  65. Carlos Samaniego より:

    Not fair!!!!

  66. Pokemaster 6727 より:

    AHHHH GOD DAMNIT!! i really have to buy the switch to play pokemon RPGs?

  67. Lexi より:

    I know pokemon isn’t the only real seller for the 3DS system but I know for A LOT of people it IS the main one. If they no longer develop them, I wonder how the system itself will fair?

    ALSO, they didn’t really clarify if they meant the OLD 3DS or the NEW 3DS. This might just mean that any future pokemon games will either be on the switch or the NEW 3DS only. Wish they’d be a bit more detailed in their explanation.

  68. Olivia Ward より:

    What if they meant that they’re just going to move to the new 3ds only. Jk that’s stupid

  69. Charizard Master より:

    This is freaking unfair to those of us who cannot aford a Switch what a load of crap

  70. Alexander Robinson より:

    I think that’s fair. but now im curious if pokemon bank will work on the switch. if so then my heart gold pokemon will continue to live on with me.

  71. Jazzy Jazz Presents より:

    rlly bro, it’s rlly not that hard for pokemon to move on to switch but, the switch, iTS EXPENSIVE, I guess this ended my life for pokemon, my 3ds and ultra sun, playing it until pokemon brings a game out for 3ds maybe never again, NINTENDO SWITCH WHY DO U DO THIS TO ME await its pokemon ?

  72. Kieran Piles より:

    When you only just got a 2DS XL for Christmas and you forgot about this bit of news , well atleast I still need to play the original sun and moon haha

  73. SnowGamingSVK A.K.A OliHat より:

    That’s not TRUE!!!!!


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