SHINY SOLGALEO and LUNALA! – Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon News!

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  1. General C より:


  2. DuskCynderMaya より:

    So no wonder they are shiny locked. Wow Gamefreak.

  3. Melvin.M :3 より:

    Nuuu I want lunala

  4. Faith-SansGaming101 より:

    oof nintendo kinda made an oof there.
    event shinies= people hacking them in

  5. Fire Lucas より:

    I find this retarded because they’re releasing this one month before sword and shield comes out

  6. that 1 LAD より:

    What is the obsession with giving these out in different stores!? Mystery gift is a thing for a reason

  7. WolfieIsTheOne より:

    Do you really have to go to gamestop?


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